Why should I have a website for my business?

Having a business website helps you and your organization to grow; in terms of visibility and revenue generation.

If you’ve asked yourself, “do I need a website to succeed in business?” then we’re not surprised. 

With so many online marketplaces, social media channels, and business messaging apps at your fingertips, it’s tempting to try to go without one.

After all, your Facebook page has all the information that people searching would need, right? 

But if you do go without, you’ll be missing out on so many opportunities, and first impressions.

We’ll help you go from “do I really need to have a website for my business?” to “my business needs a website” by the end of this article.

At YESNIVIL, we develop professional websites with easily accessible functionalities. We help you navigate through your web pages without struggle. And this is because all information is well arranged and safe to access.

We help you purchase and acquire less expensive but relevant and resourceful Domain names and Hosting packages suitable for your business or brand.

The good news is that we undertake Digital Marketing Strategies and Management at No cost; which is part of our “Working with you Solutions”.

Here are some of the areas and functionalities involved.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We establish an online business presence for your organization and rank your organization “Number One”; anytime a user searches for your services via Google Search.

Email Marketing

We generate a list of numerous business emails of persons and organizations at large. We connect your organization with these emails in order to build business relationships where in the end, your organization’s presence is known and you achieve relevant market share.

Social Media Management

Create, develop, and manage a number of social media platforms that connect with the target audiences who in return bring businesses. We develop strategies, engagements, insights, and analytics to identify individuals and business organizations who are following and require your services.

In addition to rendering the services listed above, we also provide technical support for free for a period of three (3) months after which such services may be subjected to a renewal or otherwise.

why you need a website from yesnivil

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